OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-4 – camera with extreme qualities


OLYMPUS released camera with extreme qualities OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-4 : it is shockproof ( does not brake, when falls from 2.1 m height ), freezeproof ( down to -10 degrees by Celsius ), waterproof ( for water depths down to 15 m ) and dustproof and also can withstand static forces, that are equal to 100 kg pressure. It also has great photographical qualities : camera supports RAW photos shooting with HDR ( High Dynamic Range – functions, that improve picture quality, when camera shoots scenes with highlighted and dimlighted objects simultaneously ), also in underwater mode. It is shipped with wide angle length with 4x optical zoom and can record HD videos in 1080P mode. Camera has 16 MP CMOS sensor and TruePic VII Image Processor, which is used in flagship OLYMPUS cameras, for images processing. And that’s not all : it supports microscopic mode, in which camera can shoot objects at 10 mm distance from lens with 13.6x optical zoom and with digital zoom it can magnify 1 mm objects in front of lens to 44 mm sizes on 3 inches LCD display. Also OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-4 supports Wi-Fi connections for data transmits to mobile devices and GPS navigation. One battery charge is enough for 380 photos shooting, it can be charged via USB connection and special charger. Camera supports SD, SDHC and SDXC flash cards. It is shipped in 2 colors variations : black and vinous. There are different accessories released for camera, for example : additional waterproof case, which increases underwater shooting depths to 45 m, and silicon case, which protects camera body from scratches. Package contains : OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-4 camera itself, USB cable for data transmits and recharging, recharger and user’s guide.

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