Little 110 km winter ride to concert Pincode Ensemble

Yesterday I rode to concert Pincode Ensemble in CK Ural, Spring is coming and on the streets it is again becoming warm enough for long-distance rides, soon at night times it will be not so cold and there will be ability to ride to mountains in the forest. Pincode Ensemble consists from Different Orchestra musicians and was created in 2012 year. I wished to come at 7 sharp, to prepare before performance, took with me hardware for high-quality audio recording, but winter makes its own adjustments into riding speeds, in result I canceled part of other businesses to not miss concert completely, and arrived only to its second part. I did not prepared hardware in the hall to not disturb musicians and other listeners and only recorded video. Concert was interesting, music beautiful, it is good to visit such events periodically. Tomorrow I’ll upload 1 more video.

Then small ride through pre-nighttime city after concert and 40 km of Polevskoy highway; 3/4 of a path I rode without a problems, stopping only periodically to walk and let legs’ fingers move actively and warm blood to run through them freely to heat them slightly up. During one of these walkings ( at 1 or 2 hours of night under Moon, looking through the haze of clouds ) car stopped nearby : “Did you broke something?” – “No, I walk and rest,” – “A, I thought you broke something,” – “No, everything is alright,” – I raised my hand, to say good bye : “Ok, good bye,” – human turned around and rode back to Polevskoy ( :-) , what impressed him so much, that he decided to not ride into Yekaterinburg? ); I rode and walked further home. Closer to Polevskoy I did not froze and did not tired, but brain started to sleep already, to not fall down from the bicycle, I stopped a couple of times and slept for a while on the handlebar, then walked and rode further; already nearing the city, I almost slept above the handle bar : it is interesting to be able to sleep, riding the bicycle, this is like dolphins do : part of a brain sleeps and part is working, higher cognitive functions almost sleep, organism by itself keeps a balance and rotates pedals, brain through the half closed eyes turns around obstacles and chooses road to home; that is good, that there is almost no cars at night time on the road. Closer to 3 hours of night I arrived to home, drank some tea, ate food and went to sleep.

The Spring is coming, give a road to her,
She is at the doorstep already.
Flowering and blossoming everything is .
The time have come to live, to love, to blossom and
To smell.

Bicycle ride to She-wolf mountain and to concert Different Orchestra “5 years”

Quarry in Degtyarsk
Quarry in Degtyarsk

From the Shunuth She-wolf mountain, or slag hills near Degtyarsk are visible, I rode to them for exploration. At the beginning of a day it was cloudy and cold on the streets. Polevskoy highway is still not prepared for winter : it is not cleared from snow and not covered with salt, so, I rode on it carefully and with small speed, without problems I arrived to turn to Degtyarsk and Revda near Kurganovo and rode on this road. Strong west wind with snow in the face blew above it, road is full of uphills and downhills, but even on downhills wind slowed down movement speed, snowy landscapes and few still not frozen rivers swept nearby. I arrived to Degtyarsk – it is small mining city with ore mining plants, slag hills and quarries in it. Roads are narrow and are covered with snow in it, heavy cars often move on them, so, often I rode on the roads sides. On the way, chain started to freeze in cold and on wind and acquired a wavy form, because of this it started to try to jump from 2nd gear to 3rd one on the frontal system, with periodical slipping and falling inside, this made ride harder and longer and there often was need to ride on the first one frontal gear. Quickly I rode through the city and came to road to Revda : this snowy day asphalt-laying machines stood on it. On the way there is turn to the East with block-post and fence near it, which leads uphill to some industrial quarry and near which heavy cargo cars often move.

Turn to the She-wolf mountain
Turn to the She-wolf mountain

Next, entrance to Revda city goes on, on which wind, no longer chained with forest and hills, shows his full strength and fury, almost fully stopping me with the bicycle on downhills : city is open and there are lakes near it, so wind gains high speed and strength above them. Quickly I rode to turn to the She-wold mountain, I did not ascend on it this day, otherwise I would completely miss concert in Yekaterinburg, so, I’ll ride to it next Spring, when roads will melt and will be more easily rideable. Maybe from She-wolf Fun mountains are visible, Konzhak unlikely visible from them, but I’ll look in that direction anyway and next I’ll find where to look.

She-wolf mountain
She-wolf mountain

Road in this area periodically narrows and widens, giving ability to ride at high speed on a highway. Near Revda one of the drivers signaled to me in my support, I smiled in reply and rode further. Medicine and Emergency center with ready to take off helicopters is located near the road. All in all 40 km from Revda did not caused any difficulties, Sun even looked through the clouds and lit snowy landscape for a while. When I approached Yekaterinburg, it was already dark and city lighting appeared above horizon, on the entrance in city street and buildings lights met me : ride in the city at dark time with such lighting is one of the biggest pleasures in the life. I rotated pedals as I can, because DO and warmth waited me ahead. On the way to CK Ural I visited a couple of places for my own businesses and arrived to CK itself, I missed first part, but ride was worth it and 2nd and 3rd parts were interesting. This day Different Orchestra played “5 years” concerto, it turned so, I give my congratulations by the way, compositions of different genres and styles were played on the concert and orchestra prepared mix of a most, what it played before. Trip-hop, drum and bass and rap styles compositions were played and works of Depeche Mode and Sansara, Kurara and Ek-Playaz were performed, with participation of 2nd, 3rd and 4th ones. What was in a first part, I do not know for now, but soon videos will be uploaded and I’ll learn from them what I missed.

Snowfall near CK Ural in Yekaterinburg
Snowfall near CK Ural in Yekaterinburg

After concert I dressed my hiking ammunition and went to my bicycle, snowfall started on the streets and it became warmer, horse cold, waiting for me, but I quickly heated him up, ride through the night city, still full of activity, and I’m on the Polevskoy highway in the company of periodically riding nearby cars. On the downhills on biggest frontal gear chain straightened and stopped attempts to jump to other gears and slip. Pedals rotating and Mountain Shield, railway bridge, Kurganovo and turn to Degtyarsk and Revda, on which I rode whole eternity ago, pass nearby. And so I arrived to Polevskoy ( Jupiter, Venus and Mars rose on the East ) and to my home, at last, ate food, warmed myself and went to sleep. This day I rode 160 snowy, windy and cold kilometers. In real Urals freezes I’ll ride on bicycle mostly in Polevskoy, because on such distances technics can not withstand. See you on the next bicycles adventures!

During a week I’ll upload rest of videos.

Cultural bicycle ride to Other Orchestra plays The Prodigy

Yesterday I rode on bicycle to concert Other Orchestra plays The Prodigy. On the road from Polevskoy it was rainy from the beginning, but later rain stopped; in some places road was more like a pool and at the entrance in Yekaterinburg my bike was all in dirt. All in all way to city and to CK Ural, in which concert took place, went without problems. After 10 – 20 minutes of waiting in CK hall, security let people go into main concert hall. There is no sense to describe concert itself, everything is seen on videos; I’ll just say, that first part was relatively calm, people sat and listened to music, but in second part fire started :-) .

To say a little about Other Orchestra : it exists for 5 years and mainly performs concerts in CK Ural and periodically plays music in other cities. They play music from classics and Jazz to electronics, Trip-Hop and disco. The Prodigy has no need to be introduced, but in case if somebody does not know : they are one the firestartest electronic musical groups of 90ties, 2000ties and, it seems that, 2010 – 2020ties.

There were interpretations of such compositions as : Charlie, Omen, Firestarter, Breathe and others; there was also compositions from new album The Day is my Enemy : Wild Frontier, Nasty and Ibiza. And at the end there was explosive Voodoo People. After concert there was night time ride to home, first in the city, then on the highway, that was lit only by diffuse light of clouds with white roadmarks, that guided me this night. At 2 o’clock I was at home, I rode at this day 110 km, this was unforgettable : with whistling in the ears after loud music and after dancing till drop down, I wish more such symphonic concerts to be performed.

From time to time I’ll publish videos from concert, I have around 7 GB of them.

Different Orchestra Plays The Prodigy in 2014 year

In 2014 year Different Orchestra already concerted with the same program, but without The Day is My Enemy album, also in September, I attained it and recorded video on it. It can be seen in this part of article.

About The Prodigy in more details

The Prodigy – is a British music group, which was founded in 1990 year by Liam Howlett; and with The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method and other collectives it is one of the most popular electronic dance groups of 1990-ies, 2000-ies and 2010-ies. It sold more than 25 millions of records worldwide and earned lots of musical awards and nominations in different countries on the Earth. Among them there are : Grammy, MTV Video Music Award, MTV Europe Music Awards and others.

Up to this time The Prodigy released following albums : Experience ( 1992 ), Music for the Jilted Generation ( 1994 ), The Fat of the Land ( 1997 ), Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned ( 2004 ), Invaders Must Die ( 2009 ) and The Day Is My Enemy ( 2015 ), as well as singles and compilations of compositions. In its music rave, hardcore techno, Jungle, Break Beat, Big Beat and other musical styles are combined; its main cast remains constant, but some members leaved group due to their own reasons, which caused tough times in history of collective. After release of The Day Is My Enemy, The Prodigy are touring around the world and for now there are no data about new album creation.