3D Sound Labs One – headphones with 3D sound positioning

3D Sound Labs One headphones
3D Sound Labs One headphones

3D Sound Labs anounced new headphones 3D Sound Labs One with 3D sound positioning. They have built in gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer sensors, which track head movement and allow to precisely determine head position. This data then sent to computer via Bluetooth connection, where special program processes it and changes sound so, that person have feeling, that he or she rotates head in respect to real sound source. This way there is realistic 3D sound picture is reproduced, which is most plausible for multichannel sound : movies, games and virtual reality applications. Headphones have built in Li-ion battery, which powers sensors and wireless transmitter. Headphones themselves are of monitor type, with isolation from surround sounds and neodymium magnets, which move membranes. All in all this is interesting novelty for mobile use, but taking into account their price ( 269 USD at the beginning of Autumn 2015 ), it is better to buy 5.1 or 7.1 speakers with subwoofer or by drivers and create speakers by yourself and receive sound with much better quality without dependence on some application. 3D Sound Labs One headphones will be available in stores from 15th September of this year.

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