Roland QuadCapture – external sound card, which is able to record 4 audio channels simultaneously

Roland QuadCapture sound card
Roland QuadCapture sound card

In this article we will review Roland QuadCapture semi-professional external sound card. It can record and play 4 audio channels with 96, 48 and 44.1 kHz frequencies and 2 channels with frequencies up to 192 kHz. Card works with computer with 24 bits precision; digital to analogue conversion and opposite conversion are performed with the same precision; all other calculations are performed with 40 bits precision. It is powered via 1 USB port, through which data is also transmitted, and supports coaxial digital input and output and MIDI input and output. Other connectors include : balanced XLR and TRS inputs and TRS balanced and unbalanced outputs. Card has microphone VS preamplifiers, to which phantom power is connected ( for microphones, which require it ); also : low-cut filter, phase inverters and digital compressors ( which allow sound to not clip during recording ) are connected to them. Roland QuadCapture supports VS Streaming technology for audio recording and playback with low latency; also it supports ASIO 2.0 / WDM for Windows and Core Audio for Mac OS, which allow to use card with all modern DAWs : FL Studio, REAPER, Cakewalk SONAR and others. Card contains low noise power supply, its body is produced from aluminum, and it supports Direct-Box ( DI ) for use on open scenes. Card sizes are : 185 x 134 x 44 mm ( width x depth x height ), and its weight is : 570 g. Package contains : Roland QuadCapture sound card itself, USB cable, CD-ROM disk with drivers and software and user’s guide.

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