AUDIOTRAK MAYA U5 – external sound card for high quality multichannel sound

AUDIOTRAK MAYA U5 external sound card
AUDIOTRAK MAYA U5 external sound card

Among audio devices we will study today AUDIOTRAK MAYA U5 external sound card. It is oriented on high quality reproduction of 5.1 channel sound ( card supports also other modes : 4.1, 4.0, 2.1 and 2.0 ) and on transmitting of protected Blu-ray or HD-DVD signals to other devices. It has no professional line inputs and MIDI inputs and outputs, so it cannot be used in professional studio sound recording; it has microphone input, but it is more suited for voice chatting, than for studio-level sound recording. Audio card supports only 48 kHz sampling rate ( USB 2.0 bus does not allow higher sampling rates with such amount of channels, but for sound playback it is enough ) and 24 bits precision. It has optical digital S/PDIF input and output. AUDIOTRAK MAYA U5 has built-in high quality controller VIA Envy USB 2.0 FS and digital to analogue converter ( DAC ) with 110 dB signal to noise ration ( this is good characteristic, if all other hardware components of card support sound processing and transmittance of such high clearness ). Package contains : AUDIOTRAK MAYA U5 sound card itself, USB cable, user’s guide and CD-ROM disk with drivers and software for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and Mac OS X. All in all it is good card for optimal price for multichannel sound playback for films, games, virtual reality applications and multi-channel music. Its external placement also allows to reduce electromagnetic interference ( EMI ) on card’s components, which is always present in computer system case.

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