LZOS MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro – very powerful telephoto lens for astro and macro photos shooting

LZOA MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro as objective of small telescope
LZOA MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro as objective of small telescope

Lets continue reviews of Soviet and Russian made objective lens for M42x1 mounts with LZOS MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro device. It is very powerful telephoto objective lens with 1000 mm focal distance, 1.9 kg weight and 125 x 210 mm sizes. Its aperture equals to f/10, because of this it is not very light and more suited for shooting of objects on land and for shooting of bright astronomical objects. Its field of view is 2.5 degrees and focusing distances range is 4 m – infinity. LZOS MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro has M116x1 mount on frontal side for optical filters and other accessories. It has 7 lens and mirrors elements in 5 groups ( which is very good ), all of them are coated with protective and anti-reflective multicoating. Also, LZOS MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro can be used as small telescope, which is not surprisingly, because its optical scheme is very similar to Macsutov-Kassegrene telescope. For this purpose special converters and eye-pieces can be used ( previously LZOS even produced kits, which allowed to use lens as photo camera objective lens and as small telescope, such kit can be seen on photo ); also, this can be achieved with use of special converter with M42x1 mount on one side and 1.25 or 2-inch eye-piece focusing unit on the other side. 2-inch module and eye-pieces are preferably, because they allow to fully reveal capabilities of lens. Currently LZOS does not produce those lenses ( which is pity ) and they can be bought only in stores, which still have them in storage rooms, or through private ads. All in all it is a great objective telephoto lens and, if you have no telescope with similar characteristics, it is good candidate for this purpose, which can be used as multifunctional device. But if you have telescope, then it can be also used as camera lens with use of T-ring.

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