KRK KNS 6400 studio monitor headphones review

Studio monitor headphones KRK KNS 6400
Studio monitor headphones KRK KNS 6400

Lets review new studio monitor headphones KRK KNS 6400. They have closed-back architecture and their 40 mm membranes are powered by neodymium magnets. They can absorb outer sounds with 26 dB max volume. They can reproduce sounds in 10 – 22000 Hz frequencies range, their sensitivity is 95 dB, impedance is 36 Ohms and maximal power input is 1000 mW. Headphones are equipped with 2.5 m pluggable cable with 3.5 mm ( 1/8″ ) gold-plated mini-jack connector, it has no built-in volume control unit. Wing and earcups are made of plastic, cushions from leatherette; which provide comfortable long-time use in studio conditions. Head and ears cushions can be replaced in case of damage. Headphones weight 210 g. Package contains : KRK KNS 6400 headphones themselves, pluggable cable, screw-on 6.3 mm ( 1/4″ ) jack converter, storage and carrying case and user’s guide. These are good studio-level quality headphones for optimal price, which can be used for professional work and for in-home use for music listening.

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