SOL RELAYS SPORT – in-ear headphones for sports exercises

In-ear headphones SOL RELAYS SPORT
In-ear headphones SOL RELAYS SPORT

Lets review audio novelty SOL RELAYS SPORT – in-ear headphones for sports exercises. Manufacturer tells almost nothing about their technical characteristics, this points thoughts in suspicious direction. Judging by their view, 8 or 10 mm drivers are built into them, they are protected from sweat and moisture and has small mass and low-profile. Their volume control unit has built-in buttons for phones control, they are supplied with changeable tips for comfortable wearing by different people and are subject to 1-year manufacturer warranty. Package contains : SOL RELAYS SPORT headphones themselves, storage pouch and user’s guide. Overall, with lack of technical details from manufacturer and high price ( 50 USD at the end of Autumn 2015 ) it seems, that these headphones are simply marketing money pumping from customers, so, if there are no special sympathy to their design, then it is better to look on devices of other manufacturers with known technical details and more acceptable price.

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