EHANG launches new flying GHOST DRONE 2.0 for photos and videos recording

Flying bot EHANG GHOST DRONE 2.0
Flying bot EHANG GHOST DRONE 2.0

Lets review new flying bot EHANG GHOST DRONE 2.0 for photos and videos recording, which will be available in shops from 31st December of this year. It will be supplied in 4 variants : Ghost Drone 2.0, Aerial, Aerial+ and VR; first one have no camera and gimbal, second one has gimbal, compatible with GoPro Hero cameras, third one adds 4K camera and fourth one has virtual reality goggles, which allow to control it and see via its “eyes”. Bot can be controlled from Android or iOS smartphone with use of special device G-Box ( which is included in package ), it connects with smartphone via Bluetooth connection and allows to control it via special application. Transmitter range is 1000 m, in case of connection lost or low battery charge it will return to starting point. One battery charge is enough for 30 minutes of flying, it fully recharges in 60 minutes; it supports following flight modes : Waypoint Mode, Companion Mode, Avatar Mode and Fly Planning. Mainly bot is designed for minimal flight control experience of operator and performs stabilization in air in automatic mode. This is interesting drone model for photos and videos recording from air, but its price is too big, in comparison with competitors, which for the same money offer bots with similar or better flight characteristics and camera in package. So, for this price this model is not recommended for purchasing, maybe, after some time after release, manufacturer will lower its price under competitors pressure and for lower price this bot can be quite competitive.

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