Review of new monitor headphones KEF M500

Monitor headphones KEF M500
Monitor headphones KEF M500

Lets review new monitor headphones KEF M500. Lets start with the fact, that manufacturer tells not much about their technical characteristics : they can reproduce sounds in 20 – 20000 Hz range ( which is not much for asked price ) and they have built-in 40 mm drivers, which are powered by neodymium magnets; and there is no information about their sensitivity, impedance, signal/noise ratio and maximal power input. At the same time there is large amount of loud names of different “technologies”, which mean not much in technical respect, if they mean something at all. Manufacturer asks 300 USD for this device – for more than 3 times lower price professional studio monitor headphones can be bought, which are far superior to these ones in all technical respects, and for even smaller price there is ability to buy headphones with known technical characteristics of Sony, Philips and other manufacturers. So, in respect of these headphones KEF M500 there is ability to say, that they are marketing money-pumping from customers with use of dull loud names of different “technologies”, so, this model is not recommended for purchasing and it is better to buy other headphones with known technical details for 3 times and even more smaller sum.

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