Pioneer SE-MJ751i – new stylish monitor headphones with 8 Hz – 28 kHz and 2 drivers in each cup

Headphones Pioneer SE-MJ751i
Headphones Pioneer SE-MJ751i

Company Pioneer released new monitor headphones SE-MJ751i, able to reproduce sounds in 8 Hz – 28 kHz frequencies range and having 2 drivers in each cup : 30 mm for high frequencies and 40 mm for middle and low frequencies. They have 104 dB sensitivity, 16 Ohms impedance and 1000 mW max power input; manufacturer does not tell which magnets are used for membranes movement, but the most probable neodymium. 1.2 m wire is detachable and connects only to one cup; in its volume control module microphone and phone control buttons, supported by Apple iPhone devices, are built; cable connects to sound source via 1/8″ mini-jack connector. Device’s mass is 200 g; package contains : Pioneer SE-MJ751i headphones themselves, warranty card and user’s guide. Headphones are very good and there is need to look on their price, at launch time they will cost 129 USD – this is big price for headphones and for smaller sum there is ability to buy high-quality devices; so, probably, they will be worth buying after some time after release, when their price will go down.

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