RAVE “Spruce Song”, cool FM synthesis and tracks automation in DAW REAPER

RAVE Spruce Song in DAW REAPER
RAVE “Spruce Song” in DAW REAPER

Lets create today RAVE variation on Russian song “Spruce Tree Song” in DAW REAPER, using FM synthesis and tracks automation. FM synthesis is a way of sounds generation, in which frequency of source wave is modulated ( continuously changed with periods ) with other wave, in FM synthesizers a couple of oscillators is usually built in, part of which generate base waves and others generate modulation waves. We will use for this free hybrid VST synthesizer Xenobioz Funxion, it has lots of different parameters and nice-looking interface; there are lots of other hybrid synthesizers, paid ones, as well as free ones, from them I also like Kruud of the same Xenobioz and Angular Momentum Freehand. All of them can be found in Internet with search engines on KVR Audio site or on authors’ sites. Also, we will use tracks automation : it allows to control parameters of tracks ( volume, stereo panning and other parameters ) and parameters of synthesizers and effects, that are applied to tracks and define curves for their automatic changes. Via this link there is ability to download : completed composition in FLAC format and archive with project file and drums sounds.

Hybrid VST synthesizer Funxion in DAW REAPER
Hybrid VST synthesizer Funxion in DAW REAPER

For melody and basses I used completed MIDI file, which I found in Internet, do not remember on which site I took it, but thank you goes to the author :-) ; disabled automatic preset choosing for tracks and added FM synthesizer Funxion with slightly modified Exotic Flute preset for melody and Pentagon for basses. Added drums sounds in tact with melody, periodically using syncopation ( in simple words : this is when drums rhythm is different from what human anticipates to hear, for example, human anticipates to hear “thump” – “thump” – “thump”, but receives “thump” – “…” – “thump”, this attracts attention and stimulates human to listen for composition with higher interest; but this should not be overused, because, if everywhere will be syncopation, then there will be no rhythm anticipation and there will be no syncopation at all ). Then added simple tracks automation for melody and basses, with smooth volume increase in the beginning and smooth decrease at the end.

This is all for today, if you have any questions, then ask them in comments to article, I’ll try to answer on them as soon, as I’ll have free time for this. Next time I’ll imagine something more and will create variation of other composition for experience gaining and skills development, stay tuned!

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