Philips SHL3850NC – new 32 mm foldable monitor headphones with active noise canceling

Headphones Philips SHL3850NC
Headphones Philips SHL3850NC

Legendary non-overbranded in headphones area company Philips released new model of its production SHL3850NC – 32 mm foldable monitor headphones with active noise canceling and drivers’ neodymium magnets. They can reproduce sounds in 10 Hz – 22 kHz frequencies range, have 16 Ohms impedance, 30 mW max power input and 105 dB sensitivity. Cups architecture is closed, active noise canceling removes up to 97% of external sounds and is powered from AAA battery, charge of which is enough for 50 hours of stand-by and 40 hours of music playback. 1.2 m cable is connected to one of the cups, it receives signal via 1/8″ mini jack connector. Package contains : Philips SHL3850NC headphones themselves, warranty card and user’s guide. All in all headphones are good, have wide frequencies range, neodymium magnets and active noise canceling; there will be need to look on their price, when they’ll be available in shops : if it will be around 30 – 40 USD, then they can be bought ( however for the same amount of money there is ability to buy 40 and 50 mm monitor headphones without active noise canceling ), if it will be higher, then is there sense to pay such amount of money for active noise canceling?

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