Philips SHE3205 – in-ear headphones with 14.2 mm membranes, neodymium magnets and 8 Hz – 24 kHz frequencies

Headphones Philips SHE3205
Headphones Philips SHE3205

Another one novelty of Philips company among dynamic headphones is an in-ear devices SHE3205 with 14.2 mm membranes, neodymium magnets, 8 Hz – 24 kHz sounds frequencies and open acoustic architecture. Their impedance is 32 Ohms, maximal input power 30 mW and 107 dB sensitivity. To both cups 1 m not detachable cable is mounted with 1/8″ mini jack plug with nickel-plated contacts for connection to sound source, in its volume control unit microphone and smartphones control button are built-in.

Cups of Philips SHE3205 are created with accounting of anatomy of humans ears, which provides their comfortable and tide placement in ears. In each cup there is only 1 driver, in places of mounting to tips cable is additionally reinforced with resin tubes for increased wear resistance and durability during bending and tear-off forces application. They have no active noise cancellation function, as some monitor headphones have; device is released only in black, white and blue color variants. Package contains : Philips SHE3205 headphones themselves, warranty card and user’s guide.

Headphones are good with large membranes, neodymium magnets and wide frequencies range; probably, Philips will not rise their price too much, but there is need to wait for their appearance in shops to tell for sure : whether they are worth buying or it is worth to look on headphones of other types or manufacturers. At the beginning of August of 2016 year they cost around 22 USD – which is an adequate price for them, however for approximately the same or close money there is ability to buy 40 mm monitor headphones, providing much better sounds frequencies reproduction quality, especially basses; adding acceptable amount of money more, there is ability to buy 50 mm monitor headphones, which are even better in this respect. So, if from device compactness and lightness are not needed, then there is ability to look on this type of headphones.

Philips – is a company, which were founded in Dutch in 1891 year; now it has 3 large subdivisions, which develop and produce : consumer electronics, medical equipment and lighting devices. At current moment this is one of the largest companies – producers of electronics, in which around 105000 people work in 60 countries of the world. In electronics area it produces wide range of devices : from kitchen appliances to headphones and smartphones. Philips is notable for producing quality devices, providing proper technical information about them without using of large amounts of psychological marketing and for setting of optimal prices for its goods.

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