Little 110 km winter ride to concert Pincode Ensemble

Yesterday I rode to concert Pincode Ensemble in CK Ural, Spring is coming and on the streets it is again becoming warm enough for long-distance rides, soon at night times it will be not so cold and there will be ability to ride to mountains in the forest. Pincode Ensemble consists from Different Orchestra musicians and was created in 2012 year. I wished to come at 7 sharp, to prepare before performance, took with me hardware for high-quality audio recording, but winter makes its own adjustments into riding speeds, in result I canceled part of other businesses to not miss concert completely, and arrived only to its second part. I did not prepared hardware in the hall to not disturb musicians and other listeners and only recorded video. Concert was interesting, music beautiful, it is good to visit such events periodically. Tomorrow I’ll upload 1 more video.

Then small ride through pre-nighttime city after concert and 40 km of Polevskoy highway; 3/4 of a path I rode without a problems, stopping only periodically to walk and let legs’ fingers move actively and warm blood to run through them freely to heat them slightly up. During one of these walkings ( at 1 or 2 hours of night under Moon, looking through the haze of clouds ) car stopped nearby : “Did you broke something?” – “No, I walk and rest,” – “A, I thought you broke something,” – “No, everything is alright,” – I raised my hand, to say good bye : “Ok, good bye,” – human turned around and rode back to Polevskoy ( :-) , what impressed him so much, that he decided to not ride into Yekaterinburg? ); I rode and walked further home. Closer to Polevskoy I did not froze and did not tired, but brain started to sleep already, to not fall down from the bicycle, I stopped a couple of times and slept for a while on the handlebar, then walked and rode further; already nearing the city, I almost slept above the handle bar : it is interesting to be able to sleep, riding the bicycle, this is like dolphins do : part of a brain sleeps and part is working, higher cognitive functions almost sleep, organism by itself keeps a balance and rotates pedals, brain through the half closed eyes turns around obstacles and chooses road to home; that is good, that there is almost no cars at night time on the road. Closer to 3 hours of night I arrived to home, drank some tea, ate food and went to sleep.

The Spring is coming, give a road to her,
She is at the doorstep already.
Flowering and blossoming everything is .
The time have come to live, to love, to blossom and
To smell.

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