Philips L2BO/27 – high quality monitor headphones

Philips L2BO/27 headphones
Philips L2BO/27 headphones

Philips released high quality monitor headphones Philips L2BO/27 of semi-open type. They have built-in 40 mm drivers with membranes, which are moved by neodymium magnets. They can reproduce sounds with 6 – 40000 Hz frequencies, their impedance is 16 Ohms, sensitivity is 105 dB / 1 mW and maximal power input is 200 mW. Earshells of Philips L2BO/27 are produced from aluminum, which allows them to reproduce sounds clearly without additional noise; wherein their drivers are directed into acoustic ears canals, which allows to reduce reverberation from the outer ear and makes sounds more natural. Semi-open architecture allows to isolate ears from outer sounds and enrich deep basses reproduction, at the same time this allows to reduce headphones weight and makes their wearing more comfortable. Philips L2BO/27 comply with Hi-Res Audio standard, which means that they reproduce sounds precisely enough and do not add additional noise to it. Headphones cable has unit with microphone and smartphones remote answer button; also there is 3.5 mm – 6.3 mm mini-jack adapter included in the package. Package contains : Philips L2BO/27 headphones themselves with built-in cable, adapter and pouch for compact cable storage.

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