Pioneer SE-MJ503 – new 30 mm over ears headphones with 10 Hz – 24 kHz frequencies range and 100 dB frequency

Over ears headphones Pioneer SE-MJ503
Over ears headphones Pioneer SE-MJ503

Company Pioneer recently released new dynamic over ears headphones SE-MJ503, with 10 Hz – 24 kHz reproducible sounds frequencies range and closed back acoustic architecture. 30 mm membranes, moved by neodymium magnets, are built into them, their impedance is 32 Ohms, sensitivity is 100 dB and maximal input power is 500 mW. To both cups detachable 1.2 m cable with volume control module and 1/8″ mini-jack gold-plated plug is mounted for connection to sound source. Mass of headphones is 126 g ( without cable accounting ), they are supplied in 5 color variants : black, white, green, red and blue, and can be folded for more compact storing and carrying.

Headband and cushions of Pioneer SE-MJ503 are covered with soft material for comfortable long-time wearing; each cup has only 1 audio emitter; they have no active noise-cancellation function, as some monitor headphones have, wherein they have quite good noise isolation. Device has no built-in microphone and smartphones control button.

Package contains : Pioneer SE-MJ503 headphones themselves, warranty card and user’s guide. They cost around 18 Euros : for 10 Hz – 24 kHz and neodymium magnets – this is a great price; there is ability to find cheaper headphones, but their reproducible sounds frequencies range is narrower and they have ferrite magnets; so, these ones – are one of the best variants for high-quality sound playback.

There is also need to note, that for the close price there is ability to buy 40 mm monitor headphones, providing higher quality of basses reproduction. Adding acceptable amount of money, there is ability to buy 50 mm monitor headphones, providing even better basses playback quality and loudness. If from device compactness and small mass are needed, then there is ability to buy in-ears headphones, which do not provide the same quality of audio playback, as monitor ones do, especially in basses area, but they cost much cheaper, have small sizes, are light and comfortably place inside of ears. Which is especially important during sportive exercises and trainings; cable of such headphones often has slider and clip for prevention of tangling and clinging to clothes and surrounding objects.

Pioneer Corporation – is a Japanese manufacturer of electronics, company was founded in 1938 year in Tokyo as service center for repair of radio and speakers. Currently this is one of the largest world wide corporations – producers of electronic devices; it participated in development of many electronics novelties, among them there are : cable TV, optical disks, DVD, plasma displays, Organic LED ( OLED ) displays and other devices. There is also need to note, that in the country of the rising Sun audio technics and electronics overall usually is developed and manufactured with high components and production quality.

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