Superlux HD-440 – 20 Hz – 20 kHz and 150 Ohms monitor 40 mm headphones

Headphones Superlux HD-440
Headphones Superlux HD-440

One of the devices of Superlux company is a 40 mm closed dynamic monitor headphones HD-440 with 20 Hz – 20 kHz reproducible sounds frequencies range and 150 Ohms impedance. Their sensitivity is 96 dB, mass is 300 g ( with wire accounting, without accounting of it – 251 g ), to one of the cups not detachable cable with 2.5 m length is mounted with 1/8″ mini jack gold-plated plug for connection to sound source. Device’s headband adjusts automatically to head size, it has interesting design, enhanced basses reproduction characteristics and good outer sounds silencing. Package contains : Superlux HD-440 headphones themselves, adapter to 1/4″ jack plug, warranty card and user’s guide.

Superlux HD-440 are not foldable, each their cup has only 1 sound emitter; in place of connection to speaker cable is additionally reinforced with resin tube for increased durability and wear resistance during bending and tear-off forces application. Headphones has no active noise-cancellation function, as some other monitor headphones have, but they have good isolation from surrounding sounds; they are supplied only in black color variant. Their cable has no slider and clip for tangling and clinging to clothes and surrounding objects prevention; also it has no built in microphone and smartphones and volume control buttons. Cushions and headband of Superlux HD-440 are covered with soft material for comfortable wearing during long time listening of audio.

All in all headphones are good, with wide frequencies range and large membranes, their price is around 30 USD, it is not too high for them, but there is need to note, that for such money 50 mm monitor headphones or for smaller money 40 mm ones can be bought. Also, these headphones have high impedance and to power them there is need in good sound source : players, smartphones and tablet PCs are not enough for this, there is need in receiver or good audio interface. If from device compactness and small mass are needed, then there is ability to look on in-ears headphones, which are oriented on use during sportive exercises and trainings, as well as everyday compact use. Besides this their cable often has slider and clip.

Superlux – is a company, which main office is located in Taiwan development and testing laboratories and facilities in Hong Kong and other China cities. This name is a brand of company Goang-Fann Co. Ltd., which in 1997 year acquired Tenlux – company-producer of microphones and started to release headphones, microphones and other audio equipment under this name. Company is known for production of very functional devices with very attractive prices; so, when according sound devices are being choosen, it is useful to look on products of Superlux.

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