Audio-Technica ATH-AVA400 – 40 mm monitor headphones with 18 Hz – 25 kHz for 80 USD

Headphones Audio-Technica ATH-AVA400
Headphones Audio-Technica ATH-AVA400

Among new dynamic monitor headphones there is device Audio-Technica ATH-AVA400 with 40 mm membranes, 18 Hz – 25 kHz sounds frequencies reproduction support, open architecture and around 80 USD price. Their impedance is 35 Ohms, sensitivity is 93 dB/mW, maximal input power is 500 mW and mass is 240 g ( without cable accounting ). It is connected to one of the cups, is not detachable, has 3 m length and is connected to sound source via 1/8″ mini jack connector with gold-plated contacts. Double headband automatically adjusts to different sizes of heads of users, soft earpads provide comfort during long-time music and sounds listening.

Drivers of Audio-Technica ATH-AVA400 are created with use of coils with CCAW wire for reduction of mass, more free movements of sound emitter and more precise reproduction of all audio frequencies, especially high ones; in each cup there is only 1 dynamic driver. Headphones are not foldable, in place of entering into cup cable is additionally reinforced with resin tube for increased toughness and wear resistance against bending and tear-off forces. They have no active noise cancellation function, as some other monitor headphones have, but have good noise isolation. Cups and honeycomb fence are made of aluminum for increased rigidity and reduction of chatter during music and sounds playback.

Package contains : Audio-Technica ATH-AVA400 headphones themselves, adapter to 1/4″ jack connector, warranty card and user’s guide. Headphones are great : they have large 40 mm diaphragms, wide sounds frequencies reproduction support, open architecture and comfortable headband and earpads; wherein their price is even not big for professional monitor headphones. However, there is need to note, that for most users such characteristics are not needed and there is ability to buy much cheaper consumer-level 40 or 50 mm monitor headphones. Also, if compactness of device is must have, then there is ability to look on in-ears headphones, which do not reproduce sounds as good, as monitor headphones, especially basses, but have much smaller sizes and mass, which is very important in sportive exercises and trainings, also such kind of headphones often have slider and clip on their cable, to prevent its tangling and clinging to clothes and surrounding objects.

There is also need to note, that Audio-Technica – is a Japanese company, established in Tokyo in 1962 year, as phonographs cartridges producer. Then it started to develop and introduced among its products microphones and headphones, among which now there are wired and wireless models. At current moment it is one of the leading foreign consumer sound electronics and government organizations devices supplier in USA. And in the country of a rising Sun audio devices are usually made with high quality of components and assembling.

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