Xiaomi Yi Action Sport Camera review

Xiaomi Yi Action Sport Camera
Xiaomi Yi Action Sport Camera

Xiaomi Yi Action Sport Camera is competitor of many more expensive cameras of this type. It has 16 MP CMOS sensor for photo and video recording. Maximum photo resolution is 4608 x 3456 pixels. Camera can record videos in following modes : 1080p@60fps, 1080p@48fps, 1080p@30fps, 1080p@24fps, 960@60fps, 960@48fps, 720p@120fps, 720p@60fps, 720p@48fps and 480p@240fps, with stereo sound recording at 96 KHz sampling rate and signal to noise ratio of 92 dBa. Video is encoded in H.264 format, which allow to preserve good picture quality. Xiaomi Yi Action Sport Camera weights 72 grams and has aspherical objective with 155 degrees field of view, which reduces image distortions at such high FOV. Its battery has charge of 1010 mAh, with low power consumption this allows camera to work for long time with one charge. It is worth to note, that camera has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity functions and allow to transmit data directly to mobile device in 40 meters range.

Xiaomi Yi Action Sport Camera has lots of accessories ranging from underwater case ( which allows to record videos and photos in water depths downto 40 meters ) and different holders to bicycle and motorcycle mounts. It stores data on Micro SD cards with maximal capacity up to 64 GB. Package contains : Xiaomi Yi Action Sport Camera itself, Micro USB cable, battery and user manual. At the middle of summer of 2015 year it costs around 100 USD and has lots of advanced features, which make it very serious competitor of many other action-cameras, which are priced at much higher levels. It is also worth to note, that camera supports accessories of GoPro cameras and those, that compatible with them.

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