DxO ONE – new camera for IPhone and IPad

DxO ONE camera for IPhone and IPad
DxO ONE camera for IPhone and IPad

DxO announced new camera DxO ONE for IPhone and IPad with professional functions. It can be attached to Apple device and controlled from it or used as stand alone camera. Its CMOS-BSI sensor has 1-inch size ( usually only semi-professional cameras are equipped with such sensors ) and 20.2 MP of effective resolution. Camera can shoot photos with ISO 100 – 51200 sensitivity levels and save them in JPEG and RAW formats. It supports Full HD 1080p/30 and HD 720p/120 video recording modes. In stand alone mode camera saves photos and videos on flash memory cards of micro SD format. Its OLED display has touch functions and it is equipped with Li-ion battery. All in all this is a good camera for IPhone and IPad for persons, who want to make photos from these devices and replace standard camera with it. But there is need to note, that for the same money ( 599 USD at the beginning of Autumn of 2015 year ) there is ability to buy semi-professional camera and get much more opportunities and transmit photos and videos to mobile devices via Wi-Fi or wired connections. DxO ONE will be available in shops from 1st October of this year.

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