IK Multimedia iRig Keys – MIDI keyboard for PC, Mac, iOS and Android

MIDI keyboard IK Multimedia iRig Keys with iPad
MIDI keyboard IK Multimedia iRig Keys with iPad

In audio part today we will meet with IK Multimedia iRig KeysMIDI keyboard, which is oriented on work with different devices : PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It has 37 velocity-sensitive mini-keys; pitch bend and modulation wheels; volume control knob, which can be programmed to control custom parameter; octaves control buttons, which can be programmed; 4 buttons for storing and restoring of parameters sets; and sustain or expression pedal input. MIDI keyboard is connected to devices via Core MIDI interface ( for iOS ) or via USB interface ( for PC and Mac ), it is powered from these connections. Also, it can be used with Android devices via OTG to Micro-USB adapter, which is bundled with controller. Keyboard is supplied with following software : SampleTank FREE iOS and iGrand Piano FREE for iOS ( they can be downloaded from Apple App Store ); iGrand Piano FREE and iLectric Piano FREE for Android ( they can be downloaded from Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Apps ); SampleTank 3 SE for PC and Mac ( they can be downloaded from manufacturer’s web-site after registration ); and The Grid plus 5 Beats and Elektronika virtual instruments for SampleTank 3 SE ( they are also can be downloaded from manufacturer’s web-site ). This is interesting MIDI keyboard model, which has small sizes and weight and ability to work with different devices; its minuses are : lack of drumpads, small amount of programmable buttons for DAW control and small keys size ( but this is the consequence of its compact sizes ). So, this device should be bought only if there will be no need in additional controls; but, if there is need to simply buy MIDI keyboard, then it is better to buy more functional device, which costs the same amount of money or not much more.

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