Rokinon 800M-B 800mm F/8.0 – long-range tele-photo objective lens for T-mounts

Tele-photo lens Rokinon 800M-B 800mm F/8.0
Tele-photo lens Rokinon 800M-B 800mm F/8.0

Lets meet with tele-photo objective lens Rokinon 800M-B 800mm F/8.0, which is designed for T-mount ( there are adapters on it for all modern cameras’ mounts types ). It has fixed 800 mm focus and f/8.0 diaphragm; lack of automatic focusing and image stabilization and lens and mirrors optical scheme of Maksutov-Kassegrene telescope with 8 elements in 8 groups. All lens elements are made from low-disperse optical glass and are covered with protective and anti-reflective multi-coating. Field of view of lens is 3 degrees, there is ability to attach to it 105 mm optical filters, it can work with full-format 35 mm optical sensors and its minimal focusing distance is 3.35 m. Objective lens weight is 936 g, sizes are : 111 ( diameter ) x 114.3 ( length ) mm. Package contains : Rokinon 800M-B 800mm F/8.0 photo lens itself, frontal and rear caps, carrying and storage pouch and user’s guide. It is very good objective lens, which also can be used as telescope and which has adequate price. Wherein : fixed focus and diaphragm, lack of automatic focusing and image stabilization ( it can be performed by camera itself via sensor shifting ) can be inconvenient for novice photographers or for video recording, but for professional photos of long-distance land objects and astronomical objects this lens is very good.

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